do you really need the extra insurance?

  • Buying Car Insurance: What You Need To Know About Optional Coverage

    9 June 2022

    When you purchase a car insurance policy, the law will require that this policy includes liability coverage. This liability coverage will be made up of both property damage and bodily injury coverage. Any additional coverage that is included in the policy is considered optional. While you may be tempted to purchase a policy that includes nothing more than the legally mandated coverage in order to try and save money, you should know that including some types of optional coverage will often be in your best financial interest.

  • 4 Important Homeowner's Insurance Endorsements

    19 April 2022

    Having a home insurance policy is the first step in protecting a home. The next step is customizing your policy to provide you with full protection. That can be done by adding insurance policy riders, sometimes referred to as endorsements, onto your policy. Jewelry Most homeowners' policies only cover a very small amount of jewelry. This is just fine if you only have a few pieces that don't add up to much in value.

  • 3 Types Of Auto Insurance Add-Ons You Will Want To Consider

    15 March 2022

    Making sure that you have adequate coverage for anything life throws your way is perhaps the most important aspect of choosing a quality auto insurance policy. In many cases, this will mean the need to purchase add-on coverage in addition to the liability coverage that your state laws require. Read on to learn more about three types of additional coverage you will want to consider when purchasing your next car insurance policy.

  • Unsure Of Getting Homeowners Insurance? 3 Reasons To Get It

    31 January 2022

    Your home is a significant investment where you should make memories. Homeowners insurance remains a vital though an underutilized form of insurance for homeowners. So, if you are unsure of whether to get homeowners insurance, here are three compelling reasons to get it. Protect Your New Home from Natural Disasters and Other Calamities As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to ensure your home and property is safe against threatening factors like weather, fire, and vandalism.

  • Why Should You Hire a Public Adjuster to Help You With a Water Damage Claim?

    4 January 2022

    Water damage caused by a burst pipe or malfunctioning appliance is often very expensive to fix, and it can spread far throughout your home as water moves through your wall cavities. Flooring, drywall, and wooden furniture can all be ruined. Thankfully, homeowners insurance covers sudden water damage, and the expense of restoring your home afterward normally makes it worth it to file a claim and pay your deductible. If your home has been damaged by water and you're filing an insurance claim, it's usually worthwhile to hire a public adjuster to help you with the process.