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Effect Of Age, Gender, And Marital Status On Car Insurance

by Rick Mcguinness

So many things affect auto insurance rates it's hard to keep track of them all. However, you should do your best to understand the relevant factors. Some of these are things you can control, while others might be out of your control. Understanding the different factors can help you control those you can.

Below are some factors you might not control.


Car insurance is all about risks; your age reflects your risk profile to car insurance companies. Teenagers pay the highest, followed by adults and then seniors.

For example, teenagers who have just started driving are riskier than adults. For one, driving safety increases with experience, and teenagers have inadequate experience. Secondly, teenagers take more risks (like speeding) than mature adults. Teenagers attract relatively higher premiums than other age groups for the above reasons.

Adults pay medium rates due to their driving experience. However, the benefits may reduce as the years increase. Many senior drivers have age-related driving risks that increase their premiums. For example, vision impairment, reduced hand-eye coordination, and slow reaction times are common driving risks in later years.

Marital Status

Your marital status indirectly affects your insurance rates. Note that insurance companies don't punish people for their marital statuses. Rather, your risk profile changes due to the circumstances of your marital status. According to, married couples pay lower rates than single, divorced, or widowed drivers.

There are different reasons for the low rates for married couples. For example, you can combine your policies with your spouse and enjoy bundling discounts. Ensure your spouse doesn't have an unusually high-risk profile before combining policies. In addition, married couples take fewer risks and file fewer claims than their single counterparts.


The effect of gender on car insurance rates isn't as pronounced as that of marital status and age. The gap is widest during the early years, while men are more likely to get involved in accidents than women. The high accident risks cause insurance companies money and translate to higher premiums.

However, the gap disappears as people age. Women sometimes pay even more than men as they become mature drivers. The gender difference varies by location and insurance company.

Luckily, you can do many other things to enjoy affordable car insurance. For example, you can canvas for all the discounts you can get, focus on the right coverage, and maintain a safe driving history. Talk to an auto insurance agent for help.

For more info about auto insurance, contact a local company.