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Reduce Your Car Insurance Rates With These Tips Without Losing Coverage

by Rick Mcguinness

Statistics show that on average, Americans spend 2.44% of their income, approximately $139.50 per month, on car insurance. Car insurance can be expensive, and taking any chance you can to reduce your insurance rates can significantly boost your savings. Here are simple, effective, and highly practical tips to help reduce your car insurance rates.

Compare Different Insurance Companies 

Your insurance rates will depend on the company. Therefore, rather than asking for recommendations and buying your car insurance from one company, consider asking for quotes from around three companies. You can easily ask for quotations through the phone.

Alternatively, you can estimate the car insurance cost from your state's insurance department. Depending on the insurance company, they can give you the quote through the phone or their online site.

Minimize Your Policy Coverage Limits and Make Appropriate Changes

Most states have a set minimum requirement when it comes to car insurance. The requirements vary in terms of coverage and cost. When taking insurance for a new vehicle or as a new driver, it will cost slightly more. Thus, it's wise to determine your coverage amount and identify a potential area you can save on.

Analyze your insurance policy and check if everything is okay and accurate. For example, suppose you had started a business and bought a business vehicle for which you bought commercial insurance and happened to close the business. In that case, you can switch the insurance to personal car insurance. Therefore, you should constantly update your insurer when needed and make changes where applicable.

Improve Your Credit Score and Driving Skills

Your credit score plays a crucial role in determining your insurance cost. Insurance companies consider potential clients with a high credit score to file few claims, and thus, they can offer insurance at a lower price.

There are different ways you can improve your credit score, such as by paying your bills on time and paying any due debts. If you took a car loan for your car, begin paying it off as soon as you can. Paying off the loan will increase your credit score and offer more flexibility on car insurance policies you can take. Also, frequently go through your credit score report to notice any errors that could reduce your score.

As you improve your credit score, you should also improve your driving skills. Ensure you stay clear of any traffic violations or car accidents. When the insurance company is satisfied that you are a top-notch and careful driver, they assume fewer chances of you getting into an accident. Thus, they will insure your car for less. 

When taking out your car insurance policy, remember to always begin by comparing rates from different companies. You can also limit your rates by improving your credit score, adopting better driving skills, and making appropriate changes. Talk to an insurance agency for more details.