do you really need the extra insurance?

4 Good Reasons For Home Insurance

by Rick Mcguinness

If you own a home, then you want to be sure you carry home insurance. You will have to carry it while you are still paying on the home, as it will be a stipulation in the contract. However, you still want to carry home insurance even after you fully own the home and it has been paid off. Here are four good reasons you want to be sure you carry home insurance on your home: 

1: Your house will be protected

Imagine if something were to happen to your home that led to it being inhabitable. Where would you go? How would you pay for another place to stay? How would you afford to have the home repaired or rebuilt? When you have home insurance, you will know that you would be able to afford to take care of these things if your home was destroyed in something like a fire. 

2: Your belongings would be covered

Imagine if someone came into your home and stole nearly everything you own. Or what if there was a fire and all of your belongings were destroyed? How would you replace everything lost that was in the home? If you have a spouse and children, then you would need even more money to replace everything. Having home insurance means having your belongings covered should something like this happen, and this can take a big burden off your shoulders. 

3: Other items and structures would be covered

You may have a lot more on your property than your home. You may have a separate garage, a work shed, a storage shed, a mother-in-law quarters, a recreational vehicle, or any number of other items. What would happen if something like a fire destroyed them? Would you have the money available to outright pay to replace them, or would you need to consider taking out a loan which you would have to pay back? When you have home insurance, you wouldn't need to worry about these things because the insurance would compensate you for these losses. 

4: Have liability protection

What would happen if you had a visitor get injured on your property and they ended up accruing very large medical bills and other losses? Would you have the money to pay for their medical bills and losses? Even if you would have the money on hand, would you rather pay it yourself, or have someone else cover it? When you have home insurance, it would also cover you in instances such as the one described.

Reach out to a professional for more information about home insurance